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Our tutors help students mature and flourish

During their GCSEs, iGCSEs or Middle Years Programme, students are expected to take a more mature attitude to their learning, as schools place a new emphasis on independent revision and study.

Some students really thrive when encouraged to work more independently and will go into their exams with confidence, but many others may not feel sufficiently prepared. This is where private tuition can play an important role.

Peter Clare-Hunt - Ivy Education
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Schools Consultant

"Ivy Education provides a range of educational benefits to meet the needs of families seeking ultimately to ensure that the school is the right fit for the child. While the whole process can appear daunting, the team at Ivy Education helps to ease the pressure whereby the child is able to approach new opportunities and challenges with confidence."

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Expert tuition designed for your child

All tuition with Ivy Education is designed around each student and tutors can efficiently address topics that have not yet to fully understand, as well as giving specific, exam-based guidance, both of which can be a huge confidence boost.

We have many highly qualified and experienced GCSE, iGCSE and Middle Years tutors, specialising in a range of subjects. Furthermore, many of our tutors provide expert support outside of the core subjects areas, so we are delighted to be able to help students with all aspects of the curriculum. We can also cater for the IB Middle Years Programme, with tuition targeted at the specific needs of that exam.

Core Subjects:

  • SCIENCE – Single, Double or Triple Award

In the run up to the exams, our tutors can also provide students with tools that will have a significant impact on their independent work, such as study skills and exam technique.

Other subject areas include:

  • ARTS

Exam boards

The five GCSE exam boards in the UK are AQA, CCEA, Edexcel, OCR, and WJEC. Schools may use some or all of these across various subjects. Our tutors are experienced across the five boards and are also well-versed in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP).

Take on a Research Project

Discover more about a subject you’re passionate about

Ivy Education Individual Research Programmes

Ivy Education offers an incredible research project programme, giving students the chance to learn more about a subject they’re interested in alongside top researchers from the world’s most prestigious universities. Alongside a mentor, students are given the chance to develop a research topic and write and publish a research paper.

We offer multiple programmes ranging from 12 to 20 weeks, all with the goal of writing a research paper with an experienced postgraduate mentor. Every programme includes:

  • Creation of a 15-20 page independent paper on a topic of your interest
  • Individual sessions with world-class researchers
  • Writing sessions with a professional writing coach

Why choose to do an Ivy Education Research Project?

  • Showcase Academic Excellence: show prospective Sixth Form Colleges your academic aptitude and set yourself up for A Level/IB success
  • Work with a top researcher: guided by a PhD researcher from a top university who will mentor and evaluate you throughout
  • Demonstrate university readiness: demonstrate independence, critical thinking, and advanced problem-solving, gaining experience to highlight in future application essays and interviews

Additional Services

For students unsure of which subjects to choose at A-Level, our Careers and Universities Consultants are available to provide expert assistance to help students realise their future aspirations.