Tuition outside of London

Understandably, families that spend a large portion of time away from London are often keen to avoid any disruption to their children’s learning. We help parents create an educational experience outside the classroom, whether for short holidays, long trips, or to live and teach outside the UK.

With many students experiencing a downturn in their attainment during the holiday periods with information and skills being forgotten, and many more unable to source a suitable tutor while they are away, travelling tuition can often be an ideal solution.

Many of our expertly qualified tutors are also available for travelling tuition courses during the holidays and on a long-term basis. These tutors are happy to draw up a programme of work and timetable for each student that works around the family schedule and takes into account the needs of the individual. Tuition can be as intensive and regular as necessary, and all subjects and levels can be provided for.

Why Travelling Tuition?

For students facing important examinations on the horizon, travelling tuition can be particularly effective.

Without the distraction of school commitments, peers and homework, students are likely to find they are far more able to understand and take on board the requirements of the upcoming tests. This can be particularly helpful for students looking to tackle the 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ examinations. Our tutors aim to bring your child's education to life, providing engaging, tailored, and academically enriching programmes.

A New Approach

Tuition ought to be enjoyable as well as informative, and our tutors go to great lengths to ensure that students remain engaged with their studies while they are away.

A new and interesting environment can provide a wide variety of opportunities for creative learning, and students can really benefit from a fresh approach to their studies away from the classroom.


We arrange travelling tuition in much the same way as London-based private tuition. In many instances, families requiring travelling tuition will be keen to carry out a face-to-face interview with the shortlisted tutors before deciding on an appropriate candidate – we are more than happy to facilitate this.

In order to source the best possible candidates for the task in hand, we strongly recommend that the family get in touch with us well before the tuition is due to begin. This is because many of our most popular tutors are booked well in advance, and we want each family to have the best selection of tutors to choose from.

If the family are able to meet with one of our tuition consultants to discuss the exact requirements and preferences before we begin the search for a tutor, this is even better.

Once we have got to know the family in question and are armed with the relevant information, we would then endeavour to source the perfect candidate for the task in hand. If the tutor then accepts the tuition assignment, they would then be obliged to commit to a formal agreement, ensuring that all pre-requisite aims are achieved.