A holistic approach to homeschooling

Our approach to homeschooling is holistic, bespoke and adaptive.

If your child is home-schooled, our consultants and tutors can work with you to deliver inspiring lessons and implement dynamic, project-based learning which synchronises with your child’s extra-curricular activities.

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"Christopher Adams is the Director of Education at Ivy Education. He is on hand to provide you with the best educational support and consultancy services that the United Kingdom has to offer."

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Our Homeschooling Approach

Our approach to homeschooling is holistic, bespoke and adaptive. We can provide a Director of Studies for your child to ensure that the programme both locks in with the curriculum and is tailored to your child’s specific needs. Through assessments and initial meetings, we’re able to both recommend certain qualifications, subjects and syllabuses, along with identifying target areas within pre-existing subjects. We typically arrange for 4 hours per day for a student.

One of the great strengths of home schooling is that lessons can be closely calibrated to the needs of your student, giving enough time to the topics and areas they find more challenging. Moreover, in a homeschooling environment there is space to be creative and exploratory, supplementing lessons with projects that the child can really get their teeth into. The care and individual touch of our consultants and tutors ensure that your child will be inspired in every lesson.