Comprehensive and measured advice for UK university applications

We provide full, tailored support for UK university applicants, and whether your child comes on board at the beginning of Year 12 or after their A Levels, we will endeavour to help them attain a university place that matches their needs.

Our team has strong links and relationships with many of the UK’s top universities - including Oxbridge - and will develop a focused and targeted approach following an initial consultation.

Camilla Smiley - Ivy Education
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University Entrance

"Camilla gives well-informed and thoughtful advice on every element of the university entrance process. She has been advising families on university entrance since 2006, and before that worked for the Access Scheme whilst an undergraduate at Oxford University. Camilla works closely with potential undergraduates and their parents to ensure they reach some of the UK’s most prestigious universities."

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A full UK university application service

Our team of experts can support your family along every step of the admission process for UK universities.

For students needing advice on their UK university application, we begin by arranging an initial meeting with one of our University consultants.

During the meeting, our consultant talks with your child about every aspect of their university application. The consultant will then provide a plan of action following the meeting, which will help your child to choose both the right university and degree (and college where applicable).

Should your child need further support, our Full Universities Placement Service offers complete coverage of Years 12 and 13.

In Year 12 or earlier, we help your child create a timeline to manage theirapplication, help them finalise their A-Level, IB or Pre-U subjects, begin the process of researching degrees to ensure a competitive application, review their work experience, and potentially recommend additional subject courses or open days.

For Year 13 students, our consultants begin by finalising the selection of degrees and identify the need to prepare for any UCAT, BMAT, LNAT, or Oxbridge entrance tests.

While liaising with your school tutors over subject references and communicating with universities over any extenuating circumstances or additional information, they advise your child over the writing and editing of the personal statement (including, if necessary, input from subject specialists). They help your child complete their UCAS application to the appropriate deadline and give assistance on interpreting offers and deciding on ‘Firm’ and ‘Insurance’ Choices. After exam results day, they can provide advice on UCAS ‘Clearing’ and ‘Adjustment’ as appropriate. They will also cater for any necessary interview practice, along with helping your child plan their gap year.

Oxbridge Applications

If your child is preparing an Oxbridge application, our consultants will begin by assessing their suitability, and then provide guidance on selecting degrees and colleges.

They will help your child prepare for any additional tests (including the UCAT, BMAT, MAT, TSA, MLAT, CTMUA, or HAT) and arrange any necessary tuition. Finally, they will set up any interview practice your child needs to ensure they go to the interview with confidence.

Take on a Research Project

Make your University Application Stand Out

Individual Research Programmes with Ivy Education

Ivy Education offers an incredible research project programme, representing a perfect addition to your university application. Work with top researchers from the world’s most prestigious universities to develop a research topic and write and publish a research paper around a subject that you’re passionate about.

We offer multiple programmes ranging from 12 to 20 weeks, all with the goal of writing a research paper with an experienced postgraduate mentor.

Every programme includes:

  • Creation of a 15-20 page independent paper on a topic of your interest
  • Individual sessions with world-class researchers
  • Writing sessions with a professional writing coach

Why choose to do an Ivy Education Research Project?

  • Showcase Academic Excellence: set yourself apart in your field and distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive academic process
  • Work with a top researcher: guided by a PhD researcher from a top university who will mentor and evaluate you throughout
  • Demonstrate university readiness: demonstrate independence, critical thinking, and advanced problem-solving, gaining experience to highlight in application essays and interviews