1. Tuition Plans

Delivery of concise tuition plans with support from our team to track progress and achieve success.

2. Consultations

Bespoke consultations to ensure the perfect academic outcome for your child's future.

3. National Recognition

Highly regarded and nationally recognised educators and consultants to support Nursery, School and University admissions.

4. Safeguarding

All tutors are personally interviewed, observed and vetted according to our comprehensive safeguarding policy.

Our framework

Our framework for maintaining the highest standard of service is built on six core values.


Personal & Bespoke Approach

At Ivy Education, we go out of our way to tailor tuition to each individual student. We seek to gain an understanding of each client’s unique set of needs. We believe that the match between tutor and student is of the greatest importance, as a good match can provide the inspiration to substantially improve achievement grades as well as confidence.


Superior Tutors

We know that excellent tuition can have a huge impact on the attainment, confidence and engagement of a student, so we place great emphasis on the quality of our tutors. Not only are our tutors educated at the best universities around the country, they are also selected on the basis of their character and expertise. We believe that passion, experience and an inspiring approach are all vital attributes in a tutor and we recruit according to this standard. In order to ensure the consistent quality of tuition being undertaken, we keep in touch with parents and families of the student and place extremely high value on the feedback we receive.


Care & Attention

Over the course of the tuition, we prioritise our families' satisfaction through regular communication, including monthly reports. Our office team are always ready to listen, give recommendations and make arrangements. Enquiries are responded to with speed and our clients are always our first priority. We also ensure that our tutors are properly prepared and that they are given the best opportunities for professional development through our internal training programmes.


Comprehensive Service

With a view to aiding our tutors in their efforts to provide the most effective, efficient and enjoyable support for students, we also offer assessments and consultancy as additional services. This means that our tutors are better equipped with a comprehensive view of the student’s needs and allows them to plan the subsequent tuition accordingly. It is important for parents and students are assured that their requirements have been understood, whether this pertains to their exam nerves, topics they are struggling with or their style of learning.


Experience & Expertise

We understand that navigating the British school system can be a daunting prospect, with many families finding themselves in need of guidance and support. With their extensive professional experience, our education consultants are on hand with the knowledge to demystify the admissions processes and requirements of the UK’s top schools. Our consultants are also able to help with school and university selection, identifying the environment best suited to each student’s personality, interests and ability.