Secondary Education, University level studies, GCSE Specialist

Darya combines her broad academic background across philosophy, scientific method, and art to help tutees process information by incorporating a mix of lateral and analytic thinking techniques.


Darya has over seven years of tutoring experience. One of her key strengths is making Maths “click,” reducing the degree of abstraction, making complex concepts easier to understand and master. She enjoys training creative and academic writing and other forms of verbal expression, such as interview technique. Darya puts a lot of emphasis on boosting the tutees’ confidence alongside their skills. She has experience mentoring students, helping them to develop effective study tools and habits and to increase autonomy over their own learning.

Before working with children, Darya trained artists and writers on overcoming creative blocks via workshops held in the UK and abroad, and now makes use of that experience to motivate and engage her students. She is a practising artist and writer.

Areas of Expertise

  • Maths, English, VR, NVR: 11+ 13+ entrance exams
  • Writing: creative or academic, dissertation, University essay support
  • Philosophy: GCSE and A-level
  • Art: all levels, including degree level, portfolio preparation
  • Mentoring, interview skills


  • BSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics
  • MA Contemporary Art Practice, Royal College of Art
  • Guest tutor, Athens School of Fine Art