Expert Online Tuition with Ivy Education

Our tutors at Ivy Education are experts in delivering online tuition that is as effective as in-person sessions – with added benefits.

The flexibility it affords means that you can continue working whatever the circumstances and it allows you access to our superb educators wherever you are in the world. Sessions can be arranged on a more ad-hoc basis for those last-minute assignments and the tools available are perfectly suited to modern learning and students who are digital natives.

We’ve completed a full analysis of the tools available and we’ve selected the best combination for each task. For video conferencing, we use Zoom, which allows the participants to share and control screens. This is ideal if the tutor wants to ensure attention is maintained or to show the student exactly how to approach a task. For Maths and Sciences, BitPaper is perfect as an online whiteboard and collaborative tools such as Google Docs are excellent for Humanities and essay writing.

Benefits of Online Tuition

  • Access to the best tutors in the UK
  • More flexible timings and session lengths
  • As effective as in-person sessions
  • Take your tutor with you, wherever you are

The Process

First, we get to know exactly what your child needs to gain a clear picture of exactly how we can help.

A large part of this is finding out more about them as a person and their current attainment so we can find the perfect tutor with whom to match them.

We then handpick the tutor and present that person to you before putting you in touch to organise the first session. Should it not be the right fit, we are happy to look again, but this happens very rarely as most placements are a great match from the beginning. We work hard to make sure every hour is intellectually engaging, fun, and designed and delivered around the student’s needs. We check in to make sure everything is going as planned and are on hand to assist throughout.

Online Tuition Fees

Our hourly rate starts at £80 and reflects the track record and experience of the tutor. We are happy to conduct a bespoke search depending on your requirements.

Do get in touch to organise a call with our Director of Education to discuss a personalised package of unparalleled educational support. All rates are inclusive of VAT.

Organising Online Tuition

Online tuition is no different to our normal process, with the bonus that the flexibility it affords means that your perfect tutor is more likely to be available at times that suit you. Our tutors are in great demand and online tuition makes the logistics much simpler in securing their availability.


We perform a short consultation

Firstly, we talk to you in order to gain a clear picture of the tuition required.


We handpick the best tutor

Once we have a clear idea of what is needed, we conduct a bespoke search to ascertain which tutor would be perfect for the student


We ensure the right match

Next, we present the tutor to you to ensure you're happy with our proposal. We have a trial session to that we're sure they work well together


We are on hand throughout

Finally, once the tuition has been arranged, we stay in touch throughout, checking in frequently to see how things are progressing.

Overseas Students

For overseas students who are hoping to come and study in the UK, online tuition is a valuable option.

Many students who are new to the UK school system may not be adequately prepared for parts of the curriculum and find themselves struggling with certain subjects requiring advanced skills in written and verbal English. A strong foundation in the English language proves to be of key importance for school, university and job applications, and insufficient preparation in this area can severely diminish a student’s prospects.

To meet this need, we offer a comprehensive EAL tuition programme that facilitates a smooth transition and a strong academic foundation for students wishing to study in the UK. Our tutors can help students prepare for their IELTS and EAP exams, as well as giving a firm foundation in English for students of any age, at any level of study.