Managing Director

Alastair Delafield is the Managing Director and founder of Ivy Education.


He started out as a Teaching Assistant at Garden House School in Chelsea, and after quickly realising that teaching was an exciting and rewarding profession, Alastair enrolled at Bath University to complete his Post Graduate Certificate of Education (P.G.C.E.). He chose to specialise in Sciences as this was his passion at University. Since qualifying as a teacher, Alastair has taught at Dulwich College Prep School and Thomas’s Prep School, both in London. In between these two jobs, Alastair also took a three month sabbatical in Melbourne, Australia, where he taught Sciences to children aged 9 – 16 years old. As a qualified teacher, he prides himself on the company’s comprehensive and personal approach to learning.

Positions Held

Alastair graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Geosciences and has been involved in education since 2004.