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What We Do

Our Educational Consultants provide a thorough and bespoke service for families seeking advice regarding any aspect of their child’s education.

Consultants are able to provide support and guidance with:


  • School and University Selection
  • Application Processes
  • Entry Requirements
  • Assessment preparation at every level (including 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+)
  • Careers Advice
  • SEN Advice



Where guidance is required, our experienced consultants are able to give families a broad view of the most suitable schools and universities to target, also providing a clear plan as to how to tackle the admissions processes for each.

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Our team has had the pleasure of supporting many students gaining entry to some of the top schools and universities in the country. We have seen younger students gaining entry to prestigious schools such as Alleyn’s, Cheltenham Ladies College, Colet Court, Downe House, Dulwich College, Eton, Francis Holland, KCS Wimbledon, Latymer, Marlborough, St Paul’s and St Paul’s Girls’, Thomas’s, Westminster Under, and Wycombe Abbey, and have seen older students admitted to universities such as Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial College, KCL, LSE, Oxford, and UCL, as well as many more.

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<span>Earls Court</span>
"Thank you for introducing us to Mr George Marsh. We all enjoyed talking with him. My husband was particularly pleased to have gained an insight into the British exam system and instant feedback on the boys’ performance. As for the interview today, the boys came out very much relaxed. Mr Marsh put them into a right frame of mind and certainly it helped."
Mrs O Earls Court

Schools Advice

Whether or not a child is well suited to their school can be a strong deciding factor in their academic performance and emotional well-being over many years. If a child attends a school that meets their needs both academically, socially and emotionally, they are far more likely to have a positive view of education, and will almost certainly thrive in all areas of their school-life. Whatever your situation, our consultancy services strive to match your child to the school that most accurately meets their specific requirements.

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Based on a number of criteria, we manage the various application processes and help steer your child along the right path by recommending the schools that fit their precise needs. We can provide clear guidance and comprehensive support with the rigours of the 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ examinations, and also offer services that help to prepare children for interviews. With strong links and personal relationships with head teachers and registrars at many schools in the UK, our Schools Advice Consultants, Rosamond Bowman, Jeremy Edwards, Charlotte FaberElizabeth Hill, George Marsh, Lucy Watts, Susie West, Sally Hobbs, and specialist SEN, Sophie Irwin, can give much-needed insight into the suitability and admission requirements of many of the top schools in and around London.

How Does It Work?


We ask the family to complete a pre-consultancy questionnaire detailing their specific requirements. This enables our consultants to create a list of suitable schools for consideration.


We recommend a standardised test, especially if applying from overseas, to gauge the needs of individual students, and to ensure that they are considering the best possible schools to meet their requirements.


One of our consultants would then visit the family, spending around 1 hour talking with the parents/guardians and student. This meeting is of vital importance as it should work to give us a clear idea of the specific needs of the family and student in question, and will inform the guidance subsequently provided.


Informed by the test results, parental aspirations and student aspirations, a shortlist of 3-4 schools will be produced and meetings with the schools will be set-up.


One of our consultants would then be happy to accompany parents/guardians, if required, on each school visit.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help, advice and time. We are so overjoyed that H will be going to Northcote and we really wouldn’t have had that chance without you. An enormous thank you from us both."
Mrs M Chelsea

Careers & Universities Advice

Applying for university is a huge milestone in any student’s life, and choosing the right institution while managing the application process can be highly challenging for all involved.

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Oxbridge college with students

We understand that it is vitally important that students and families alike are well informed about the universities being considered, but also about the suitability of the courses on offer with regard to the long-term and career goals of the individual. Our careers and universities consultant, Sarah McWatters, provides comprehensive advice for students at every stage of the application process, and also give guidance to students with their subject choices at GCSE, A-Level and university.

How Does It Work?


Subject choices at GCSE, A Level, International Baccalaureate and University.


Guiding students towards the university best suited to their career aspirations and personal preferences. Our consultants specialise in UK universities.


Including apprenticeships, internships and sponsored degrees.


Including Personal Statement support, provision of a reference and interview preparation.

Our Consultants

Our educational consultants work hard to form a clear picture of each student’s academic needs, offering support and advice that is based upon many years of experience in education and the UK school system. Depending on the stage of the student’s academic career, their short term and long term goals and the specific requirements of the family, our consultants draw on their vast experience to match each individual with the schools and universities best able to help them realise their potential.

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"Just letting you know that M got in to Colet Court, we found out today and are over the moon, as I’m sure you can imagine! Thank you so much to you and your team for all your help along the way; please do thank George for us too."
Mrs Y Chiswick