Schools Consultant

On meeting with clients and listening to their individual needs and preferences, Jeremy draws on his experience to provide guidance on school selection, application processes and entry examinations for many of the top schools in London and beyond.

Jeremy Edwards

Past roles and experience

Jeremy is an English graduate from the University of London, where he also studied for a Master’s degree in Educational Management. He has a broad range of experience, with the first half of his career devoted to teaching English in secondary schools. He was Deputy Head of Emanuel School from 1995 – 2000 until he decided to move into the Prep School world. Over the last sixteen years he has been Headmaster of two leading London Prep Schools: Westminster Under School (2000 – 2010) and Eaton House the Manor (2010 – 2016) where he was also a Director of the Eaton House Group of Schools. His philosophy as a teacher was to encourage his pupils to aim high and, most importantly, to enjoy their school years. As the father of three adult children, two girls and a boy, he understands the educational system from the perspective of a parent as well as a Headmaster.

Jeremy was fantastic and answered all our questions diligently. There is nothing further required at this stage, but we will surely be in touch if things change

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Areas of Expertise

  • School selection
  • Application processes
  • Guidance with admissions

  • International Student Placements

Positions Held