Schools Consultant

On meeting with clients and listening to their individual needs and preferences, Rosamond draws on her experience to give guidance on school selection, application processes and entry examinations for many of the top schools in London and beyond.

Rosamond Bowman

Past roles and experience

Rosamond has had a very successful teaching career spanning forty years; starting as a teacher, she soon progressed to the role of Assistant Head and Head Teacher. She also spent many years as an Independent Schools Inspector, and is very familiar with the characteristics of high quality schools.

Throughout her time as an education professional, Rosamond has worked for many of the top London day schools, including St Paul's Juniors and Glendower Prep School. As Headmistress of Glendower, Rosamond prepared many students for entry at 11+ to London day and boarding schools, and advised parents on school selection. She is therefore both highly attuned to the requirements of the exam, and has a wealth of first-hand knowledge about how to select the best school for a student.

Areas of Expertise

  • School selection
  • Application processes
  • Guidance with admissions
  • Interview preparation

Positions Held