Schools Consultant

On meeting with clients and listening to their individual needs and preferences, George draws on his experience to provide guidance on school selection, application processes and entry examinations for many of the top schools in London and beyond.

George Marsh

Past roles and experience

George has had over 40 years of experience in the British educational system. He started his teaching career the The Dragon, Oxford, after which he spent over ten years teaching in comprehensive schools. He soon went on to be Headmaster at both Dulwich Prep and Millfield Prep, and during this time he sent over 100 students every year to top public schools.

In addition to his successful teaching career, he spent some time as Chairman of the IAPS and has been a member of the ISC. Currently, he is a School Governor for 4 of the UK’s leading prep and public schools.

Areas of Expertise

  • School selection
  • Application processes
  • Guidance with admissions
  • Interview preparation

Positions Held