Schools Consultant

Brodie’s philosophy is very much about supporting your child to achieve their full, individual potential and gain entry to the right school for them. As such, he believes it is critical to meet you and your child either face to face or via video link to really understand your child’s personality, their interests, what they love about school and to then match this up with a realistic selection of senior schools that will suit your child. Brodie will then offer the best possible advice and guidance on school selection, application processes and entry examinations.

Brodie Bibby

Past roles and experience

Brodie also provides excellent one-to-one interview preparation as well as communication workshops for small groups of children. These workshops are based on crucial soft skills such as learning to listen, debating, collaboration and thinking under pressure; all of which are essential skills for group and one-to-one interviews, as well as skills for life.

After a career spanning thirty years as a teacher and school leader both in the private and state systems, Brodie left Headship in December 2018 to develop a supplementary curriculum to that taught in schools, focusing on the softer skills children need to thrive both at school and beyond.

As Deputy Head of Westminster Under School and Head of North Bridge House Prep in Regent’s Park, Brodie developed a huge network of contacts in the prep and senior schools’ world and he continues to work closely with a wide range of nursery, prep and senior schools in London and throughout the UK.

Brodie estimates that he has successfully placed over a thousand children into schools across London and the entire country during his time in school leadership. A major component of his new role is offering one-to-one interview strategies and running workshops for small groups of children based around drama, philosophy, debating and problem solving. Through the workshops, Brodie really gets to ‘know your child,’ understanding their strengths, their areas for development and is therefore able to offer the best possible advice for schools based on a whole child approach.

As the father of two teenage children, a girl and a boy, Brodie understands the educational system from the perspective of a parent as well as a Headmaster. Brodie is a History graduate from Exeter University and later he achieved a Masters’ degree in Educational Management from Buckingham University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Knowing your child and providing realistic advice about school selection and the process
  • The very best interview preparation for children; on-line or face to face
  • Motivational interview/communication workshops for groups of children
  • Parent workshops and presentations on managing the schools process for the whole family
  • International Student Placements
  • Inspiring children to foster a love of reading

Positions Held