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We are experts in providing bespoke online and in-person one-to-one maths tutoring in London.

Introducing our Maths Tutors in London and Online

At Ivy, we understand that each student's journey in maths is unique. Our highly qualified maths tutors are dedicated to unlocking students' full potential, offering personalised learning strategies and comprehensive support in all areas of mathematics.
Educational Assessment, 11+ Entrance Exams

Joe has built a wide range of knowledge and experiences through his academic studies and 11 years working in education. He has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education specialising...

7+ Entrance, 11+ Entrance, GCSE Specialist

Isabel’s combined interests in education, alternative pedagogies and the accessibility of information make her a well-rounded tutor and mentor. She has taught students with a wide ...

Entrance Exams, GCSE and A Level

Sandip graduated with a History BA from Queen Mary University of London, he then completed his History MA, which specialised in Global, Imperial and Postcolonial History at the sam...

Primary Education and Assessment

Anna has 25 years’ experience as a class teacher, SENCO/Inclusion Manager and Reading Recovery teacher, as well as being a member of the Senior Leadership Team as Acting Assistant ...

School Entrance, Mathematics, Interview Practice, GCSE Specialist

Trausti has 20 years’ experience as a teacher and headmaster, currently working in a North London prep school as Head of Mathematics after moving to London from his native Iceland ...

Primary and Secondary Education, Interview Preparation, Entrance Examinations, GCSE Specliast

Maxine is in the unique position of having taught in both Primary and Secondary schools and is well versed in National Curriculum expectations across all Key Stages. Her private tu...

Find the perfect Maths Tutor

At Ivy, we understand that each student's journey in maths is unique. Our highly qualified maths tutors are dedicated to unlocking students' full potential, offering personalised learning strategies and comprehensive support in all areas of mathematics.

How We Pick Your Perfect Tutor

Step 1

Our dedicated team will provide a personalised experience for your family.

We know that tuition requires a highly personal approach to be properly tailored for an individual to maximum progress. After your initial discussion with us, we will work hard to connect each student to their perfect tutor and perform a thorough assessment of your requirements before undertaking a thorough search on your behalf.

Step 2

We will select the tutor best suited to your child, both academically and emotionally.

Now equipped with the necessary information to find the best possible match for the student, we contact the tutors we feel would be suitable for the assignment. We then weigh up all the candidates with regard to their availability, their experience and qualifications, their manner and their approach to tuition before deciding who to shortlist.

Step 3

Our Education Team will introduce you to your handpicked tutor.

When sending over the shortlist of tutors, we strive to ensure that you have all the necessary information in order to make an informed decision. If any further advice is needed about which tutor would be best suited to a particular student, our experts are always reachable over the phone or via email and are delighted to give guidance.

Step 4

Your tutor will create a bespoke educational plan

During the first few sessions, your child's tutor will gently assess the student to understand their academic profile. Your child will then receive a bespoke plan to help with focussed objectives and achievement criteria to ensure your child achieves their key objectives.

Step 5

You will receive regular check-ins with our Client Services Team.

From beginning to end, we will stay in touch with you throughout the tuition course. It is so important to us that the quality and progress of the tuition are consistent and that the family, the student and the tutor are all happy with the arrangements.

Our Feedback


At Ivy Education, all our maths tutors have extensive private tuition experience in their expert subjects. Our senior tutors, who are the top tutors at Ivy, are all qualified teachers and have classroom experience as well as private tuition experience. Whether you might need a tutor who specialises in maths, we have an extensive selection of tutors who all specialise in certain ages and specific entrance exams for some of London's top schools.

We have many expert maths tutors who specialise in their unique subjects. We handle everything, starting with the initial enquiry, handpicking the perfect tutor for each student's unique needs, and then conducting monthly check-ins to ensure that tuition is going smoothly.

Our team of education experts handpicks a maths tutor with expertise, teaching style, and personality traits that align with the student's requirements. To create a personalised match, we consider factors such as subject proficiency, teaching experience, and compatibility.

We provide a mix of online and in-person tuition, depending on each student's needs and requirements. Online maths lessons are often favoured due to their flexibility and excellent feedback. Our online maths tutors are highly experienced in conducting lessons online, ensuring they are as productive and engaging as face-to-face lessons.

Ivy Education offers both online maths tutors and in person tutors. We have an extensive selection of expert tutors who can travel around London; whether the preference might be lessons at your home, or in a local library, our tutors are flexible depending on your individual needs and requirements.

We have great results in our students dramatically improving grades through working with our expert tutors. Our maths tutor will work closely with their students, to personalise lessons for unique needs to ensure they are engaging and productive. Tutors also share monthly reports which help show the improvement and future plan.

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