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Mock exams

Published 21st July 2019

Mock exams

Nothing prepares your children better than a combination of tuition and mock exams. Whilst tuition equips your children with the knowledge and applicable skills for the 7+, 8+ & 11+ - mock exams ensure they put this hard work into practice.

Having seen a growing demand for mock Exams and fierce competition for limited places at top Independent schools, families and children alike are required to be meticulous in preparation for challenging admissions tests. Experiencing the structure of a “mock” test can help to alleviate unnecessary nerves often associated with pressured assessments that children as young as 6 years old are sitting.

Independent School exams have trends that their papers reflect. Giving children the chance to familiarise themselves with these will give them a beneficial head start by understanding exactly ‘what’ is expected of them at each stage of an exam.

Ivy Education run our own mock exams for 7+ and 11+ Independent and 11+ Grammar school entrance exams. Find our full selection here.

We recommend…

Taking a mock test to assess your child’s knowledge and ability to date. Ivy Education will use the marked paper to ensure your child's academic needs, whether it is improvement on general maths problems or developing their vocabulary, are met.

To maximise potential learning, we suggest an intensive tuition programme over half terms, summer and Christmas holidays where a tutor will come to your home with pre-prepared, test-focused educational plans.

At the end of these programmes, we recommend that your child sit a mock exam to measure improvements made over the tuition period, helping to boost confidence as well as knowledge.

In addition to our mock exams, Ivy offers mock interview preparation sessions to strengthen interview technique and confidence and provide in-depth feedback on your child's interview performance.

For more information on mock exams, please visit our mock exam webpage or get in contact with our Head of Education.