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How to make the most of the new school year

In our latest blog, experienced tutor Oliver (himself a student for many years), explains how goal setting and prioritising your personal growth and happiness can help you prepare for the new school year. Another school year is about to begin, with all the usual hopes, worries and expectations that...

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Summer reading suggestions

Whether it be by the beach, on the plane, to while away long afternoons at home, or as a gap-filler between museums and galleries in new cities, the summer holidays offer countless opportunities for reading. Moreover, fruitful and enjoyable summer reading can be of crucial academic importance for students....

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Why summertime is the right time for tuition

Summer is naturally a time of languor. Fruits on the point of over-ripeness hang heavy on trees, insects buzz happily through pollen-thick air, and the slow-dimming days invite time spent in repose. All of which might suggest that summer is not an ideal time of year for tuition, as...

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Child struggling with homework

Mock exams

Nothing prepares your children better than a combination of tuition and mock exams. Whilst tuition equips your children with the knowledge and applicable skills for the 7+, 8+ & 11+ – mock exams ensure they put this hard work into practice. Having seen a growing demand for mock Exams...

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