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The Cambridge Pre-U is a post-16 qualification that prepares students with the skills and knowledge they need for university. The Pre-U programme promotes independent and self-directed learning in preparation for undergraduate study.

As a student’s time at secondary school draws to a close, exams take on new significance as students approach the next stage of their academic careers.

Phoebe - Ivy Education
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Educational Assessment, Sciences, Geography

"Phoebe works with students applying for pre-tests and entrance exams, as well as supporting university applications. She also has extensive experience teaching Sciences and Geography."

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With the Cambridge Pre-U, students can choose three principle subjects, alongside global perspectives and research (GPR).

Our tutors are able to provide subject-specific support in addition to focussed revision plans.

Our tutors are experienced in preparing students for Pre-U exams.

As well as providing subject specific support, our tutors can also aid students in honing skills that will help them to tackle their exams with efficiency and confidence, such as study skills and exam technique.

To assist students in managing this pressure, our team of expert tutors are on hand to help maintain confidence and provide support.

We have many highly qualified and experienced tutors on offer and, although we focus on the core subjects of Maths, English, and the Sciences, we have tutors who specialise in a wide range of subjects.

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Schools Consultant

Ivy Education provides a range of educational benefits to meet the needs of families seeking ultimately to ensure that the school is the right fit for the child. While the whole process can appear daunting, the team at Ivy Education helps to ease the...

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Schools Consultant

On meeting with clients and listening to their individual needs and preferences, Jeremy draws on his experience to provide guidance on school selection, application processes and entry examinations for many of the top schools in London and beyond.

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As a company we are proud to have seen students gain entry to some of the top universities in the country, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE and Durham.

Take on a Research Project

Make your Application Stand Out

Ivy Education Individual Research Programmes

Ivy Education offers an incredible research project programme, representing a perfect addition to your university application. Work with top researchers from the world’s most prestigious universities to develop a research topic and write and publish a research paper around a subject that you’re passionate about.

We offer multiple programmes ranging from 12 to 20 weeks, all with the goal of writing a research paper with an experienced postgraduate mentor. Every programme includes:

  • Creation of a 15-20 page independent paper on a topic of your interest
  • Individual sessions with world-class researchers
  • Writing sessions with a professional writing coach

Why choose to do an Ivy Education Research Project?

  • Showcase Academic Excellence: set yourself apart in your field and distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive academic process
  • Work with a top researcher: guided by a PhD researcher from a top university who will mentor and evaluate you throughout
  • Demonstrate university readiness: demonstrate independence, critical thinking, and advanced problem-solving, gaining experience to highlight in application essays and interviews