Many students opt to change schools for sixth form, and in a lot of cases this will require the student to sit a 16+ admissions test

Alongside results in public exams (most commonly a student’s GCSEs), school entry into Sixth Form might require the student to sit further entrance exams set by schools, in critical thinking or in their GCSE subjects. For entry into Sixth Form, they might also attend an interview, whilst the precise exams will vary from school to school.

Jeremy Edwards - Ivy Education
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"On meeting with clients and listening to their individual needs and preferences, Jeremy draws on his experience to provide guidance on school selection, application processes and entry examinations for many of the top schools in London and beyond."

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To help students prepare, our tutors will hone in on the requirements of the specific school and foster broader academic skill sets such as flexible critical thinking and persuasive writing. We liaise between our expert consultants and tutors to ensure all our experts key their approach to the student and their target school.

Exam Papers

Our handpicked tutors and consultants have their own experience in helping clients through School Entrance processes. We regularly use Exam Papers Plus for schools with the toughest entrance requirements. We strongly recommend the use of these papers alongside tuition.

To find out more, please see our Partners, Exam Papers Plus.