Those participating in 11+ examinations in Year 6 for entry to schools in Year 7 will sit papers in Maths, English and Reasoning, with papers for the London Day Schools differing from the Common Entrance papers set by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board). Where specialised knowledge about individual schools and their entry processes is needed, we have tutors able to give tuition that is geared for the requisite examinations.

Our 11+ tutors are able to cover every area of the primary curriculum in preparation for the examinations.

Our tutors who specialise in preparing children for these examinations are able to cover all of the necessary topics, as well as tailoring their tuition to help children gain entry to specific schools. Tutors supporting children with the 11+ have an excellent track record of success, and they really make it their aim to nurture a child’s strengths, as well as recognising and addressing any weaknesses.

Examination Papers at 11+:

  • MATHS – Using the main operations (+, -, x and ÷), measurement, shapes, fractions, decimals and data handling.
  • ENGLISH – Reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and written composition.
  • REASONING – Verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Additional Services

Prior to the exams, our highly qualified and experienced Educational Consultants can offer their support with finding the best secondary schools for students taking the 11+, as well as leveraging their knowledge of the school system to provide guidance with the best approach to applications, examinations and interviews.

Exam Papers

Our handpicked tutors and consultants have their own experience in helping clients through School Entrance processes. We regularly use Exam Papers Plus for schools with the toughest entrance requirements. We strongly recommend the use of these papers alongside tuition.

To find out more, please see our Partners, Exam Papers Plus.