Primary Tuition

Sometimes, when I see my granddaughters make small discoveries of their own, I wish I were a child. | Dr Seuss

Subject Areas

The main areas of focus for general primary tuition are:


Mastering the basics of numeracy equips children with important skills for the future, and can be a lot of fun to learn along the way. Children at primary level will be taught how to understand numbers and how to solve problems in various formats.


Learning to read and write is a huge milestone in a child’s education. It gives them the tools to communicate effectively, enables them to read widely and discover new points of view, as well as encouraging their imagination.


Reasoning concerns a child’s general ability to solve a variety of problems. The subject is split into verbal and non-verbal sections; the verbal sections involving use of language, while the non-verbal sections are based around visual information, such as continuing a pattern of shapes.

<span>Notting Hill</span>
"Both Alex and Sally are delightful, warm, and terrifically inspiring teachers. We all enjoyed them coming to the flat. Alex brings a whiteboard which makes maths more fun, and he is like a big brother to the kids. The three usually chat after a lesson. Sally and S click beautifully. Sally uses theatrical voices to motivate S’s creativity."
Mrs P Notting Hill

General Support

During the early years of education, children begin to discover where their strengths lie, start to find out what they are interested in, and unearth difficulties and challenges for the first time. Tuition at this age can provide the attention and guidance needed for children to thrive academically at later stages, and a positive experience of education will inevitably inform a child’s attitude towards learning. Our tutors really love to see children develop confidence and enthusiasm, and we have seen some excellent achievements as a result.

1-to-1 primary tuition

Not only will a good tutor be able to identify a child’s strengths and play to them, they will also create an environment in which a child can try new things and build their confidence in unfamiliar areas. Primary aged children often need variety and stimulation for their interest to be sparked, and our tutors are constantly striving to find methods to engage their students in new and interesting ways.

<span>White City</span>
"We have been so happy with Michael, C has improved noticeably and is making fantastic progress, scoring above average and beyond expectation for Maths and English in her end of year tests. We look forward to working with Michael further. He is fantastic! Many thanks."
Mrs T White City

SATs Preparation

SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) are carried out at the end of Year 2 and Year 6 in all state schools, and are structured to reflect each individual child’s progress relative to their peers. The SATs are often the first formal tests a child sits during their time at school, and having some tuition at this stage can really calm any nerves and ensure the child is able to perform to the best of their ability.

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Additional Services

To complement tuition, we are also able to offer comprehensive Learning Assessments, focusing on English and Maths, which consider a child’s key academic ability relative to their peers. Tuition is often particularly effective when coupled with a Learning Assessment, as our qualified assessors not only measure attainment, but also seek to identify each child’s unique learning style and personality, recommending suitable resources and approaches for future learning. Similarly, these assessments can also shed light upon future school choices, highlighting the most appropriate learning environments suited to each individual child.