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Why Private Tuition?

For families facing the competitive UK school system, private tuition has become increasingly popular throughout the country. There are many reasons why students and families opt for private tuition alongside mainstream schooling:

A New Dimension

The dynamic of one-to-one tuition is vastly different from classroom learning and brings a helpful new dimension to a student’s studies. As tuition is focused solely on the needs of one student, it can often spark off new interests and reveal exciting potential in an individual.

A Personal Approach

As the tutor gets to know a student over the course of the tuition, they are able to tailor their approach to the specific learning style of the student. Whether students benefit especially from visual aids, discussion or ‘hands-on’ activities, tutors are able to adapt their style to accommodate a range of personalities and preferences.

A Flexible Programme

Students differ vastly in the rate at which they learn, leaving many struggling to keep up with new topics and concepts alongside peers in the classroom. With private tuition, tutors can identify where a student is struggling and have the flexibility to alter their programme accordingly to ensure maximum productivity.

A Confidence Builder

In a crowded classroom, individual students often find it hard to get themselves heard by their teacher. Private tuition sessions can give students the safe place they need to air their concerns and questions about particular subjects and topics. Where students are listened to and concerns are able to be addressed, confidence inevitably increases dramatically; consequently, we have seen outstanding results from this approach.

Child struggling with homework
student sitting exam

"We cannot thank you enough for all your help in making sure E had the perfect tutor for her revision. Becky was a complete star in encouraging and nurturing her towards her exams and the time and effort has 100% paid off. We are totally thrilled with the results and look forward to working with Becky again next term. As a result I now have a much more confident and enthusiastic daughter. THANK YOU, THANK YOU."
Mrs W Balham

Regular & Intensive Tuition Courses

Tuition courses tend to vary between long-term regular tuition and short-term intensive tuition. Both approaches have significant benefits and can be particularly effective, depending on the specific needs of the student.

Regular Tuition Courses

There are many benefits to be gained from undertaking a regular tuition course. Consistent sessions facilitate the creation of a good relationship between the tutor and the student, something that can prove to be a significant factor in the student’s confidence and their attainment. Regular sessions also provide the tutor with a clearer picture of the student’s goal, resulting in the creation of a clear long-term plan targeting the areas that need to be addressed in order for these objectives to be realised.

We also advise that tutors get in touch with the student’s relevant teacher at school, subject to receiving permission from the family, in order to get a clearer picture of where they are relative to their aims. Keeping up with what is being covered in the classroom will also enable the tutor to tailor their plan to complement what is being taught elsewhere.

"I also wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Vincent. He hit it off with T from day one and was an excellent tutor for him – motivating and teaching him but they also had fun together. T never once complained about having a session with Vincent which is a big achievement. Thank you"
Mrs F-A Essex

Intensive Tuition Courses

Whether a student is trying to make the most of their holiday period away from school or requires a boost in the run-up to a particular exam, intensive tuition can be an excellent and highly effective choice. In this format, families may opt for a couple of weeks, a few days, or even a single session where blocks of tuition can be carried out with one or many tutors. We are always on hand to put together bespoke timetables for intensive tuition programmes.

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Academic Support

Homeschooling is incredibly effective with students benefiting from a parent’s closer involvement in their education. Without the distraction of school commitments, peers and homework, students are likely to find they are far more able to cover topics quicker and learn more effectively.

This can be particularly helpful for students looking to tackle school entrance or national examinations.

Creative and Nurturing

Tuition ought to be enjoyable as well as informative, and our tutors go to great lengths to ensure that students remain engaged.  A supportive environment can provide a wide variety of opportunities for creative learning.

Many homeschooling parents request specialist tutors to supplement their own teaching but we can also provide a comprehensive learning plan and timetable all subjects for you with one or more of our tutors.

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<span>Notting Hill</span>
"I’m glad to say that young T reports back very favourably on the weekend’s work. He had his first Maths exam on Monday and tells me that it went well and that the preparation he received from Tom was excellent and just what he needed. I had a short phone call with Tom afterwards and was impressed by his manner and the detail of feedback he was able to give me on the pupil. Very useful for me to pass on to his new American school. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in approaching Tom for Maths tuition in the future. Thank you for sending me someone so good."
Ms B Notting Hill