Online Tuition

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Why Online Tuition?

With the internet and technology playing an increasingly significant role in education, many students are now very comfortable with tuition that is carried out online. Furthermore, there will always be times when face-to-face tuition isn’t a convenient option, and so for those requiring a flexible format, online tuition may be the ideal choice. If a student has limited availability or is often on the move, online tuition can offer a consistent programme of support, or can fill in where face-to-face tuition is unable to take place.

Online tuition is available globally - Ivy Education
Benefits of Online Tuition
  • More economical sessions
  • Improved flexibility
  • An excellent supplement to face to face tuition
  • Highly productive

<span>South Africa</span>
"The tutoring is going very well at the moment. I was worried that it would not work so well over Skype, but my son seems to enjoy it. He especially likes Jake which is, of course, a huge plus. "
Mrs E South Africa
"I just wanted to let you know I was pleased with Ellyn and impressed by her ability to break down the concepts for T. He says she cleared up a lot of issues for him."
Mrs E Belgravia

The Process

Firstly, we talk to you in order to gain a clear picture of the tuition required. Once we have a clear idea of what is needed, we talk to the tutors to ascertain who is suitable, keen and available to take on the tuition. Next, we shortlist the tutors that have applied and we provide options for you to consider and choose between. Finally, once the tuition has been arranged, we stay in touch for the duration of the course, checking in frequently to see how things are progressing.

Organising Online Tuition

Online tuition is organised in much the same way as private tuition. When organising assignments, we have a clear process that we follow in order to match the best possible tutor with the student in question:


  • We Talk To you
  • We Talk To The Tutors
  • We Provide Options
  • We Stay In Touch



Any student undertaking tuition in the online format will need to have a computer with a strong and consistent internet connection, a webcam and access to Skype or equivalent. Any materials needed by the student will be provided by the tutor prior to sessions, as we always put our tutors in touch with the family directly before tuition begins.

Overseas Students

For overseas students who are hoping to come and study in the UK, online tuition is a valuable option. Many students who are new to the UK school system may not be adequately prepared for parts of the curriculum and find themselves struggling with certain subjects requiring advanced skills in written and verbal English. A strong foundation in the English language proves to be of key importance for school, university and job applications, and insufficient preparation in this area can severely diminish a student’s future prospects.

To meet this need, we offer a comprehensive EAL tuition programme that facilitates a smooth transition and a strong academic foundation for students wishing to study in the UK. Our tutors can help students prepare for their IELTS and EAP exams, as well as giving a firm foundation in English for students of any age, at any level of study.

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"All is going well. A is now in the bilingual class and his teacher thinks he is doing fine, we keep working on spelling and writing. Melissa is very detailed on the work she is doing with him."
Mrs C Battersea