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What We Do

Our vision is to provide the highest quality tuition in London, combining efficiency with an approach personalised to each family. Leveraging our expertise, experience and relationships, our services are all aimed at helping students realise their goals and discover their potential.

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Our tutors carry out lessons with students at every level of schooling, from Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 at primary level through to KS3, GCSE, A Level and International Baccalaureate at secondary level. More specifically, we have tutors that specialise in giving support with school entrance examinations, such as the 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+, and regularly have the pleasure of hearing about our students gaining entry to the schools of their choice. While placing particular emphasis on the core subjects – Maths, English and the Sciences – we also have tutors able to give support with all subjects and all aspects of the curriculum.

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"We were very happy with your service. Alastair was very accommodating and helpful, even though I left it so late in arranging a tutor this time for my son J on our trip to London. J just loved Robin! He made it somehow fun for him and J wants to read the books that Robin recommended."
Mrs H Knightsbridge

How We Work


We feel that tuition requires a highly personal approach if it is going to be properly tailored for an individual. Our advisors in the office are always on hand to talk through tuition with you over the phone, and will ensure that we have a clear picture of what is needed before locating a tutor.


Now equipped with the necessary information to find the best possible match for the student, we contact the tutors we feel would be suitable for the assignment. We then weigh up all the candidates with regard to their availability, their experience and qualifications, their manner and their approach to tuition before deciding who to shortlist.


When sending over the shortlist of tutors, we strive to ensure that you have all the necessary information in order to make an informed decision. If any further advice is needed about which tutor would be best suited to a particular student, our advisors are always reachable over the phone or via email and are delighted to give guidance.


From beginning to end, we will stay in touch with you throughout the tuition course. It is so important to us that the quality and progress of the tuition is consistent, and that the family, the student and the tutor are all happy with the arrangements in place.

"May I also add how fantastic Delphine was, especially for English, and she was always willing and prepared for every lesson, she even offered to mark essays and answer any last minute questions I had in her own time regardless of the time of day. Highly recommended. And thank you for the great communication, I’ll be sure to recommend your services."
Mrs E Windsor

Where We Work

Ivy Education is incredibly proud of its London headquarters and the office team can be found closeby to the verdant Parsons Green neighbourhood. Most of our tutors live in and can easily commute to Central and West London. We offer face to face tuition in West London and Online tuition to anywhere else in the world.
Ivy Education service area in West London

Ivy Education service area in West London


Our team have seen a growth in requests for Online Tuition which allows our clients living outside these areas to access our most experienced tutors.


Our Tutors can provide Online Tuition globally

Benefits of Online Tuition
      • Shorter/more economical sessions
      • Improved flexibility
      • Can be used as supplementary homework support
      • Greater productivity in sessions as shorter

Our Tutors

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Abdi, Imperial College London Alumni

Award Winners: Spring Term, 2019



Tutor of the Term, Spring 2019

George - Ivy Education tutor


Runner Up, Spring 2019


Award Winners: Winter Term, 2018


Neel - Tutor of the Term, Winter Term 2018


Tutor of the Term, Winter 2018

Isadore - Runner Up, Winter Term 2018


Runner Up, Winter 2018


<span>North London</span>
"Fatma is an amazing tutor, words can hardly express her talent. My daughter A is very comfortable with her. We are highly impressed with her teaching skill. A was struggling with Economics but Fatma’s way of teaching makes it much easier for A to understand the subject. Fatma is not only an excellent tutor, she is also very polite, very accommodating and punctual with her timing. I am so fortunate to have such a good tutor who has been a good example for a teenager like A. She has motivated her to get ready for a good university, as well as to work hard for a brighter future. My all best wishes for Fatma. Thank you so much Ivy Education for providing me with such good tutor."
Mrs C North London