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7+ & 8+ Exam-Focused Assessments

Our Exam Focused Assessments are the best starting point for any 7+ or 8+ learning program. The assessment process highlights the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and allows Ivy Education, or you, to plan the most effective English, Maths and Reasoning preparation program.

At Ivy Education, we use tests to pinpoint the focal areas required for a student preparing for 7+ and 8+ School Entrance Exams. These tests carefully measure the English, Maths and Reasoning skills of pupils. Their levels are measured appropriately for their specific age. The results are reflected as a selection of focal points which can then be translated into simple terms for use by the parents and the tutors alike.

On completion of the assessments, Ilana King (our 7+/8+ assessor) will meet with the family to provide verbal feedback. A comprehensive written report is then provided, which clearly outlines all of our insights and recommendations.

Learning Assessments

Learning Assessments focus on ascertaining a student’s levels of attainment in the core areas of Literacy and Numeracy, and are carried out by one of our educational assessors, Juliet Stoker. Drawing on her qualifications and experience, Juliet is able to determine the level of the student in key areas as well as their level relative to others of their age and stage at school.

To ensure the Learning Assessment is carried out efficiently, we aim to find out as much relevant information about the student in question as possible beforehand using a Pre-Assessment Questionnaire. Once this is filled in, our assessors are then able to go into the assessment with a foundation of prior knowledge in advance of investigating the needs of the student further.


The Learning Assessment is structured in such a way as to examine the academic level and attainment of the student and will ensure that any tutor taking on the assignment will know how best to tailor the tuition course in an engaging and helpful way, maximising productivity.

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Assessment Summary

Once the assessment has been carried out, the assessors will pass on a short report containing their findings to the family. This includes:

Assessment Summary
  • Test scores in reading, comprehension, spelling and mathematical computation that measure a student’s level of ability, as well as their position relative to their peers.
  • Areas of difficulty and areas of strength.
  • Recommended resources based on the individual student.
  • The approximate reading and spelling age equivalent of the student.
  • Recommended resources and strategies to help with areas of difficulty.
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Special Educational Needs (SEN) Assessments

Different students learn in different ways, and many can really benefit from arrangements that take into account their specific educational needs. Students who find it considerably more difficult to access the national curriculum and take part in tests and exams may benefit from a form of Special Educational Needs (SEN) Assessment, depending on their specific difficulty.

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Our SEN assessments come in the form of a Full Diagnostic Assessment by an Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher. Dependent on the outcome of this assessment, Access Arrangements can be made for students with particular difficulties to help them during examinations. Where justified, students can receive extra time, the use of a computer, a reader or a scribe. The recommendation of Access Arrangements for all age groups is regulated by strict guidelines relating to the evidence of need published yearly by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). These are carried out by our SEN Specialist, Hema Desai.

Dyslexia Portfolio

Specialised assessments for specific learning difficulties are also available, such as the Dyslexia Portfolio. The Portfolio helps to identify pupils with dyslexia and other literacy learning difficulties and consists of a wide range of tests, including:

Dyslexia Portfolio
  • Word Literacy
  • Processing Speed
  • Phonological Processing
  • Working Memory
  • Writing Speed

Additionally, if no up-to-date IQ score is available, a general ability test is also carried out.

Assessments and portfolios for other learning difficulties are also available; please do let us know if you would like any further information.

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