Specific and guided feedback through assessments

Our assessments produce precise overviews of the gaps in a student’s knowledge

Following an assessment, we take into consideration a child’s target schools to draw up a specific checklist of what they need to cover in tuition, so that we can match the right tutor to your child. Delivered via face-to-face meetings with one of our experts, this approach enables us to prepare students for entry into top schools such as St Paul’s, Westminster Under, KCS and Latymer.

Elizabeth Hill - Ivy Education
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Schools Consultant

"Elizabeth finds that 1:1 support can be hugely beneficial for students to help focus on individual learning needs and promote confidence. While working as Head Teacher of Westminster Under and Deputy Head of Dulwich Prep, Elizabeth prepared many students for entry into future schools, and provided families with the information and guidance needed to make the best educational choices."

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Past roles and experience

Expert and practical advice for international applicants to UK schools

Our expert team of assessors can help your child prepare to attend one of the world’s most prestigious schools, whatever your nationality.

By combining an assessment with our wealth of experience and extensive network of contacts, we can gauge your child’s readiness for an application to a UK school, and arrange any tuition that might be required. Focusing on English Language, as well as Maths and Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning, our assessments enable us to tailor a unique approach for your child.

Feedback and Reporting

On completion of the assessments, Ilana King (our 7+/8+ assessor) will meet with the family to provide verbal feedback.

A comprehensive written report is then provided, which clearly outlines all of our insights and recommendations.

Ilana King - Ivy Education
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Exam-Focused Assessments

"Understanding each child as an individual and identifying their academic attainment and areas for development is the key to ensuring their educational success. Using assessment to determine the level of a child relative to their age and stage will help parents recognise how their child compares to the standards against which they are being measured, allowing targeted work and faster progression."

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