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James Allen's Girls' School

About James Allen's Girls' School (JAGS)

James Allen's Girls' School is an independent school for girls aged 4-18, located in Dulwich, London. All entry points require a competitive examination and interview. JAGS nurtures self-assured and considerate individuals who thrive in a dynamic school community.

JAGS Entry at 4+ & 7+

The JAGS Junior school educates girls 4-11 and offers entry points at 4+ and 7+.

JAGS Entry at 11+, 13+ & 16+

The Senior school offers 11+ entry and deferred 13+ entry. The Sixth form offers 16+ entry.

Open Events

JAGS holds small group tours of the Junior School throughout the year and hosts its main events for 11+ entry in September and October. JAGS also hosts webinars and taster days for the Senior School.

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