Schools and University Consultant

Chris was educated and has taught at The King’s School, Canterbury. He has worked in Senior Leadership, including as a Headmaster for 16 years, in five schools and has experience of helping students to achieve entry and scholarships to a wide range of schools including Abingdon, City of London, Eton, Haileybury, St Paul’s, and Winchester. He enjoys helping students find the right school for them so they can be happy and flourish.

Chris Curl

Past roles and experience

Chris has enjoyed a variety of roles in schools and universities. He was awarded a Fellowship in Management Studies at the Institute of Education at University of London where he has also tutored PGCE students and supervised their Teaching Practice.

For most of his career he has worked in Independent Day and Boarding Schools in the UK including as Head of English & Drama, Director of Co-Curricular Activities, Housemaster, and Head of Boarding. Most recently he has been a Headmaster for 16 years.

Chris also has experience of working with international students. Further to completing his TEFL and then MA in Language in Education, he has directed International Summer Language Schools at schools such as Dulwich Prep and Stowe and has taught business people in Spain. Chris is also a Tutor at Winchester University as well as being a School Governor.

Chris enjoys working with families and advising students over their choice of school and university. He believes that learning should be fun and puts students' well-being at the top of the list of priorities. He offers Mock Interviews and undertakes Motivational Maps (with children and adults). The maps provide perceptive insight and greater understanding into what makes each student tick, revealing their key motivators and leading to raised morale and higher levels of achievement.

Areas of Expertise

  • Independent School Selection and Entrance
  • Interview Preparation

Positions Held