Get a clear understanding of your child’s current level and learning potential with our academic assessment. These tests are conducted by one of our Exam Experts, and include a thorough report covering each topic, and a recommended study plan.

Exam-Focussed Assessments

These assessments consist of a pre-assessment questionnaire, an academic assessment by one of our expert assessors, and a comprehensive report.

Using exam-appropriate content, our assessors conduct these comprehensive tests in person, to get a holistic understanding of the student’s ability, learning style, and test-taking potential. The format of these tests gives the student the chance to demonstrate their knowledge without the pressure of exam conditions, giving our assessors a clear picture of their individual strengths and weaknesses.

The assessor will then go through the results with you in person, a send a full written report that details the student’s level in each topic, in comparison to expectations for their age group.

The Exam-Focused Assessment is a brilliant way to start your tuition program with Ivy, as it provides you and your tutor with specific focus points, and an in-depth understanding of how to maximise your child’s academic potential.

We provide assessments for:

  • 3+
  • 4+
  • 5+
  • 7+
  • 8+
  • 11+
  • 13+

Subjects available:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning


  • 1-2 hours long
  • Assessments include verbal and written feedback
  • Online or in-person options available

Terms and Conditions

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy whereby you will not receive a full refund should you cancel within this time. Please find our full terms and conditions here.

Exam-Focussed Assessments


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