Information on our Tutor Tiers and Tuition Fees can be found below.

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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Ivy Tutor

£84/ Online

£119 / In-Person

Most Popular

Master Tutor

£89/ Online

£124 / In-Person

Super Tutor

£119/ Online

£154 / In-Person

  • Personally interviewed, observed and trained by our Teaching Expert and Head of Talent
  • Demonstrable passion, knowledge, expertise, impressive teaching and organisational skills
  • Opportunities for on-going professional development and training for 1-2-1 delivery and exam-focussed tuition
  • Curate bespoke tuition programmes for the specific needs of every student, with clear objectives ad achievement criteria
  • Highly experienced tutors who have worked with many of our students and consistently received exceptional feedback
  • Specialists in exam-focussed technique, ensuring that their students can take their hard-earned knowledge and apply it when it really counts, for admissions assessments or public examinations such as GCSEs
  • Honed their skills in the classroom and/or 1-2-1 over many years and have helped their students achieve outstanding personal results
  • Multi-disciplinary tutors with specialisms, including but not limited to: Cambridge STEP; Oxford Admissions Tests; BMAT; GMAT; US SATs; US ACTs; IB; Pre-U, A-level, GCSE and ISEB

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