Family and Wellbeing Consultant

Lulu is a social and emotional learning consultant in primary schools as well as a family wellbeing guide and coach. Lulu works as an education consultant in leading schools supporting the development of emotional intelligence and literacy in whole school communities. Lulu also specialises as a social and emotional learning consultant in primary school where she helps support and guide pupils and their families in times of difficulty.

Lulu has a wealth of experience in teaching, mentoring and guiding children and staff in the UK and abroad. She is a primary school teacher with over thirty five years experience in all areas of primary education and pastoral care. Lulu is also highly accomplished in the areas of Social and Emotional Learning and wellbeing within school communities.

Lulu acts as a Social and Emotional Learning Consultant training and guiding primary schools to rollout the RULER approach. When embedded this highly effective platform puts emotional literacy and intelligence at the heart of a school’s good practice.

To a greater or lesser extent our emotions affect every area of our lives with our mind capable of being our best friend or our worst enemy. With mental health problems on the rise, affecting pupils and teachers alike it is imperative that schools adopt and embed an approach that daily supports the whole school community.

Lulu’s work in schools has led her to establish a private coaching service. Lulu is currently studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Whether Lulu is supporting a school or a family, as a mother of three, she brings both personal experience and professional expertise into every area of her work with the clear intention of finding solutions to every situation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Social and Emotional Learning in Primary Schools
  • The RULER Approach
  • PSHE teacher training and support
  • Family guidance
  • SEL Parenting seminars/talks
  • Agony Aunt Advice
  • Coach and Counsellor to individuals’ young and old

Positions Held

  • Primary school teacher covering all subjects
  • PSHE specialist lead
  • RS specialist lead
  • Pastoral lead
  • School counsellor
  • Independent SEL Advisor to school leadership teams
  • Child protection/safeguarding lead
  • EAL specialist