Dr Caitlin

University Consultant

Caitlin has been guiding families on university applications since 2012. Caitlin is well placed to navigate clients through the elite US & UK education system due to her own experience at Harvard and King’s College London. She specialises in UCAS, SAT & UKCAT advice and preparation.

Caitlin Rea

Caitlin Rea is a dual (US/UK) citizen who graduated from Harvard with a BA in Neurobiology and Anthropology in 2015. She then went on to graduate in Medicine from Kings College London Graduate medical school in 2019. She has been tutoring since 2012, focusing on US school and college admissions. At Harvard, she worked for Veritas Education for 2 years and travelled to China to work as both a teacher and US college consultant. She also tutored children with Autism throughout college. Researching and teaching children who have learning difficulties is one of her main interests.

Before Harvard, she completed her GCSE's and A-levels (Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography) in the UK. Alongside her final year of A-levels, she completed the SAT and SAT II exams and went through the US college application process alongside her UK UCAS application. She is well versed in the various US entrance exams and the US application process.

She enjoys making lessons fun and helping students become more confident. Through her education, she has not found learning easy. She has dyslexia and often found her peers accelerating ahead of her in school. She had to push herself and adapt her learning style to achieve results. She enjoys teaching study skills to students and adapting these skills to suit individual learning styles. In 2021, she will be further developing her teaching abilities through a PG Cert in Medical Education alongside her ongoing tutoring.

She focuses on working with children looking to apply to UK American schools and US prep schools. She tutors the ISEE and SSAT entrance exams, by breaking down each section, examining multiple-choice testing strategies, and reviewing specific topics that are taught earlier to students in the US school system than the UK school system. She also helps students with the application process, essays, and interview prep.

She enjoys helping students succeed in the highly selective US College admissions process. As a US college counsellor, she helps students create a best fit US College list, choose their early decision school, organise a personalised structured timeline for the application process, and develop their extracurricular activity list; she also gives structured feedback and advice on their common app and supplemental essays, and works with students on their interview preparation.

Caitlin has successfully been through the undergraduate and postgraduate UK medical school admissions process herself and helped other students successfully gain places at medical school. She guides students through this process, helping them with university choices, UKCAT exam technique, personal statements, and interview preparation.

Caitlin has been helping students with Oxbridge admissions since becoming a tutor. She supports students with college and course choices, gives advice on Oxbridge entrance exams, reviews personal statements, and provides interview preparation. She enjoys helping students succeed in getting into their top choice university or school.

Caitlin has always been an all-rounder; alongside working as a doctor and tutoring UK and US exams, Caitlin enjoys playing high-level hockey and ultramarathon trail running.

Areas of Expertise

  • US College Admissions
  • UCAS Application Process
  • Personal Statements
  • Interview Preparation
  • Oxbridge

Positions Held

  • Education Consultant at Langley Academy
  • Education Consultant at Veritas Education
  • Private Education Consultant in Hangzhou, China