Jane Ritchie

Nursery & Early Years Consultant









Specialism: Nursery & Early Years Education

Jane offers sensible, good humoured guidance to new parents on the decisions that they are faced with when choosing the right nursery and pre-prep school. She helps families comprehend the complexities of the London private school system and understand their young child’s developmental needs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • School Selection (Nursery & Pre-Prep)
  • Guidance with Admissions
  • Early Years Development and Education
  • Pre Assessment Advice

Positions Held:

Personal Profile:

Jane’s career began as a teacher in the London independent sector over 35 years ago where she developed her passion for Early Years Education. For 20 years was Head and Owner of The Minors Nursery School in Notting Hill which she expanded and ran as her own successful business before selling it to the Alpha Plus Education Group, with whom she remains as a consultant.

Jane now works in an advisory role for nursery groups, schools, companies and individuals. She has travelled widely and juggles any spare time between that and living in South West France!

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