Alexandra Bradley

Nursery & Early Years Consultant

Specialism: Nursery & Early Years Consultant


Areas of Expertise:

  • School Selection (Nursery & Pre Prep)
  • Early Years Development & Advice
  • Support for International families new to the UK
  • 3+ & 4+ Assessment advice

Positions Held:



Personal Profile:

Alexandra Bradley has worked with Early Years children in top UK Nurseries and Schools since 2010. Most recently the inaugural Headmistress of the prestigious Miss Daisy’s in Knightsbridge, Alexandra has a wealth of experience with nurturing children from an early age and ensuring they reach their potential.

Alexandra is available to provide at-home assessments to recommend a suitable Nursery or School as well as providing practical advice on ways parents can help their children develop. Alexandra has experience with families new to the UK as well as those familiar with the British education system and can help with preparing children for entry into a chosen Nursery or Pre Prep.

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