University Services

Performing well at University can make all the difference to careers or further acaemic opportunities after graduation. Our University Consultants are experienced in mentoring students and ensuring they are equipped to succeed academically and benefit from all that University has to offer.


Tuition for exam success: Our as well as providing subject specific support, our tutors can also aid students in honing skills that will help them to tackle their exams with efficiency and confidence, such as study skills and exam technique.

Our Tutors: Our subject specialists have exemplary academic backgrounds and a wealth of experience. Through long term and intensive tuition programmes and rigorous study planning support, our tutors will work with students to achieve their targeted grades.

  • Academic support
  • Revision planning
  • Exam confidence

As a company we are proud to have supported students attending some of the top universities in the country, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE and Durham.

English language support: For overseas students who are travelling to study in the UK, English language tuition can take place before their course begins and ongoing throughout their studies. Our tutors can help students prepare for their IELTS and EAP exams, as well as giving a firm foundation in English for higher education students. We offer a comprehensive EAL tuition programme that facilitates a smooth transition and a strong academic foundation for students beginning studies in the UK.

Success at University – academic and careers support

First Year Mentoring: Our First Year Mentoring package helps to smooth the way by supporting students through this transition phase from school to university. We offer new undergraduates a plan of action that assists them in several ways, including time management for staying on top of their academic studies, getting an overview of the opportunities available to them and encouraging them to integrate with new groups of friends.

Careers: Our Careers and Universities Consultants provide comprehensive advice for students at every stage of the process, helping them choose subjects and activities that will be expected within a chosen industry. Careers planning is encouraged for students looking to succeed in the competitive graduate employment market.

 Ivy Education will match an Educational Consultant to support you:

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