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In the run up to the start of the GCSEs, it is really important to ensure that the fundamentals are in place as this can be a huge advantage when students are expected to grapple with new and difficult topics.

Our consultants and tutors are here to help provide advice and support to help your child gain in confidence and develop their skills.

Sally Hobbs - Ivy Education
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Schools Consultant

"Children come in all shapes and sizes and a one size fits all approach to tuition and future schooling is not the answer. We consultants mentally measure up a child’s needs and a parent’s expectation and aim to produce a bespoke, tailor-made, “right fit” outcome."

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Students can sometimes become complacent during the first few years of secondary school and, with no major examinations on the horizon, this stage often passes by unnoticed.

At this age, students are also faced with decisions about subject choices for GCSE, which can feel particularly daunting. Students need to take into consideration their future aspirations given that subject specialisation, even at this stage, can have an impact on future study and career opportunities. Students can feel torn between subjects they enjoy most and those that are prerequisites for particular courses. At this crucial time where skills need to be consolidated and confidence needs to be built, targeted and supportive tuition can provide calm in the storm.

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If guidance about subject selection is required, our expert Consultants are able to provide clarity and advice where needed.