Preparing for Grammar School Entry

Our team of experts can support your family at each stage of the admission process.

Our services include expert advice on entrance examinations as well as in-depth interview preparation by former Heads of top schools.

Our Senior Tutors provide exam-specific tuition, which includes bespoke programmes and study plans to help our students achieves the results they desire.

If you would like further information on grammar schools, we are delivering a webinar on the 27th May, 5:30pm-6:15 on London Grammar Schools; the webinar will be delivered by our consultant, Duncan, and will cover choosing the right grammar school and the grammar school application process.

Elizabeth Hill - Ivy Education
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Schools Consultant

"Elizabeth finds that 1:1 support can be hugely beneficial for students to help focus on individual learning needs and promote confidence. While working as Head Teacher of Westminster Under and Deputy Head of Dulwich Prep, Elizabeth prepared many students for entry into future schools, and provided families with the information and guidance needed to make the best educational choices."

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Getting into your top preference

11+ examinations determine school entry for children going into Year 7 and are carried out by all Grammer Schools. Our team of experts can support your family along every step of the admission process for schools such as:

Preparing for Grammar School Entrance

Interview Preparation

Children are often interviewed by their prospective Grammar Schools. We have a team of wonderful former Heads providing interview preparation at your home or our offices.

The sessions expose the student to the situation and questions they are likely to experience on the day. Although the aim is to primarily support children in passing the interview stage of admissions, the process also builds confidence and allows them to develop as individuals.

Mock Exams

Mock Exams give your child exposure to the conditions they will experience on the all-important day to build their confidence. As well as improving your child’s exam technique, they importantly provide us with key information allowing us to enhance our tuition programs.

11+ Tuition

Tuition for exam success

Our tuition programs are specially designed to ensure that students achieve the exam results they require for 11+ Grammar School Entrance. Having helped many students through the process, we understand it is tough and daunting for both parents and their children.

We regularly provide tuition in these areas as well as specialist subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Reasoning – verbal and non-verbal

Our tutors

Our specialists tutors have exemplary academic backgrounds and a wealth of experience with 11+ entrance to grammar schools as well as top independent schools such as St Paul’s. Through long term and intensive tuition programmes and rigorous study planning support, our tutors will work with students to achieve success. Tuition can be performed in person or online depedning on your requirements.

Meet our Senior Tutors

xx Modupe
Educational Assessment

Modupe has been involved in education for over seven years, having worked exclusively as an educator since his second year of University. Since graduating ...

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xx Joe
Educational Assessment

Joe has built a wide range of knowledge and experiences through his academic studies and 11 years working in education. He has a Post-Graduate Certificate ...

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xx Caroline
Entrance exams, University level studies, SEN

Caroline has worked in education since graduating from the University of St Andrews in 2004. During that time, she has worked as an educational consultant ...

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