What is "Tutoring For All"?

“Tutoring for All” is a pro-bono initiative that offers tuition to the most socio-economically disadvantaged children attending state schools in London, prioritising those receiving free school meals.

The tuition is not-for-profit and is subsidised by Ivy Education, with any small costs covered by the Pupil Premium funds allocated to the school by the government.

The aim of the scheme is to bring tuition into schools specifically for the families that can’t access it privately. The scheme gives attention to the students most in need of additional support outside of the classroom setting, and seeks to remove the obstacles to academic success.

Why was the scheme introduced?

Ivy Education is founded on the basis that tuition can make a huge difference in a student’s academic career.

For school-age children, tutoring can enable learners to catch up with, and even surpass their peers with the boost in confidence, the consolidation of school-taught skills and study beyond the curriculum.

While we strongly believe that private tuition is the answer for many students, we realise that there are many more who are financially constrained and simply don’t have the access to the extra support. A recent study published by the Sutton Trust reported that 40 percent of disadvantaged families would use tutors if they could afford them. Furthermore, there was a strong indication that these families wanted tuition significantly more than their wealthier counterparts; arguably, the Sutton Trust commented, these are the families ‘that most need additional tuition, but for whom disposable income precludes it’.

With class sizes in the UK amongst the largest in the world, and the attainment gap widening between students receiving free school meals and their peers, we feel that the answer lies in utilising the ‘Pupil Premium’ funds allocated to schools by the government. Use of these funds have enabled us to bring tuition to children and young people on a broad spectrum around London, targeting those whose access to support is the most limited.

What is provided?

We are already working with a number of schools on this initiative and are always looking for new opportunities to expand the scope of the scheme.

We have been privileged to see some great successes spring from our tutors’ efforts in various schools, and are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the community in such a concrete way.

Collaborating with each school closely, tutoring programmes are tailored to the students’ specific needs, interests, long-term aims, taking into consideration any logistical factors. The tutors that we provide are of the highest quality, with outstanding credentials, strong levels of experience and all holding up-to-date Enhanced DBS checks.

We are able to offer tuition in many subjects and for students at all levels, tailoring programmes such as:

  • Building Mathematical & Literary Foundations
  • Advancing Gifted & Talented Pupils
  • Intensive Revision Courses

The schools involved in the scheme have found that the additional attention given to struggling students has brought a new confidence to their studies. One-to-one and small group support can often bring out results in students that wouldn’t usually be seen in a jostling classroom setting, and the focused attention can give students the opportunity they need to ask questions and get targeted support.

Feedback & Endorsements

School's Comments

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Tutors Comments

If you are a tutor or a qualified teacher and would like to get involved with “Tutoring For All”, please apply below.