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During the GCSE years, students are expected to take a more mature attitude to their learning, with new emphasis being placed on independent revision and study. Some students really thrive when encouraged to work more independently and will go into their exams feeling assured and with confidence, but many others may not feel sufficiently prepared. This is where private tuition can play an important role.

Tuition is highly personalised, and tutors can address topics that students have yet to fully understand with efficiency, as well as giving specific exam-based guidance, both of which can be a huge confidence boost.

We have many highly qualified and experienced tutors on offer, specialising in a range of subjects. While our main expertise lies in providing tutors for the core subjects, many of our tutors provide expert support in a whole host of other subject areas, and we are delighted to help students with all aspects of the curriculum.

Core Subjects:

  • SCIENCE – Single, Double or Triple Award
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Other Subject Areas Include:

  • ARTS
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In the run up to the exams, our tutors can also provide students with tools that will have a significant impact on their independent work, such as study skills and exam technique.

"We are thrilled with his results in the subjects Alex tutored B in. Maths: A, Chemistry: A, Physics: A. Overall he achieved 8 A’s and 2 B’s so we are delighted. Thanks again for putting Alex our way. He was marvellous and I am very happy to recommend him to any future clients."
Mrs M Clapham

Additional Services

For students unsure of which subjects to choose at A-Level, our Careers and Universities Consultants are available to provide expert assistance with a view to helping students realise their future aspirations.

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