As time at secondary school draws to a close, exams begin to take on new significance.

Results gained at A-Level often determine which University the student attends, and this in turn can have a direct influence on their future career choices. Many students will already have a career path in mind or a subject area that they are keen to pursue, and so the pressure to achieve the required results can be immense.

To assist students in managing this pressure, our team of expert tutors are on hand to help maintain confidence and provide support. We have many highly qualified and experienced tutors on offer, and although we focus on the core subjects of Maths, English and the Sciences, we have tutors who specialise in a wide range of subjects.

As well as providing subject specific support, our tutors can also aid students in honing skills that will help them to tackle their exams with efficiency and confidence, such as study skills and exam technique.

Often tutors specialising in A-Level tuition particularly enjoy working with this age group as it affords them the great pleasure of seeing students gain entry to their universities of choice.

As a company we are proud to have seen students gain entry to some of the top universities in the country, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE and Durham.

Core Subjects:


Other subject areas include:

  • ARTS

Additional Services

Another challenge facing A-Level students is the university application process, as selecting suitable universities while tackling UCAS and writing a personal statement can quickly become an overwhelming process. For expert guidance, our Careers and Universities consultants are available to assist with all aspects of university selection and application, with a view to helping students realise their future aspirations.