Exam-Focused Assessments

Understanding each child as an individual and identifying their academic attainment and areas for development is the key to ensuring their educational success. Using assessment to determine the level of a child relative to their age and stage will help parents recognise how their child compares to the standards against which they are being measured, allowing targeted work and faster progression.

Ilana King

Ilana has been involved in education for over 23 years. Since obtaining a PGCE qualification in Early Years and Primary School teaching from Roehampton Institute in 1996, Ilana has gained extensive experience in a variety of roles which have built her knowledge of how young children learn. Starting as a class teacher, Ilana went on to found and run her own nursery schools for a number of years, before moving on to teaching children both individually and in group settings. Throughout her career, Ilana’s focus has always been on understanding each child’s individual learning style and designing programmes of support to ensure they achieve their full potential. Ilana has supported many London families through the 7+, 8+, 11+, pre-test and exam process with a high rate of success. Her experience and knowledge of the entrance exam process along with her professional qualifications places Ilana in an excellent position to provide in depth analysis and comprehensive recommendations for students and their families.

Areas of Expertise

  • Educational Assessment
  • 7+, 8+, 11+, Pre-Tests and Entrance Exams
  • Interview Preparations
  • Early Years Development and Education

Positions Held

  • Educational Assessor
  • Career Tutor
  • Founder and Head of Nursery School
  • Class Teacher