9+, 10+, 11+ & 13+ Entrance Exams

George is an entrance exams specialist at 11+ and 13+, particularly for Maths and English tution.


George has over 8 years’ tutoring experience, particularly in the subjects of Maths and English. He specialises in exam preparation, training students for school entry at 9+, 10+, 11+ and 13+. He also provides ongoing support for students alongside their school work, building up their confidence in specific areas they find difficult.

He has supported students as they prepare for a range of the country’s top public schools and London day schools, including Eton, Radley, Winchester, Westminster, City of London, St. Paul’s, Highgate, and many others.

His approach is to focus on the fundamental skills that will serve students throughout their education, and beyond. The ability to work out problems ‘in the moment’ through clear reasoning (rather than from memory) applies equally well to all subjects beyond English and Maths. It is always a matter of confidence through practice. There are also a few basic skills which, once internalised and made habitual, tend to make a significant positive difference to the student’s academic performance.

Areas of Expertise

  • 9+, 10+, 11+, 13+ Pre-Tests and Entrance Exams
  • Mathematics
  • English


  • BA Classics - University of Bristol
  • MSc Environmental Technology - Imperial College