Preparing for 11+ Grammar School Entry

Getting into your top preference

11+ examinations determine school entry for children going into Year 7 and are carried out by all Grammer Schools.

Our team of experts can support your family along every step of the admission process for schools such as:

Preparing for Grammar School Entrance 

Interview Preparation: Children are often interviewed by their prospective Grammar Schools. We have a team of wonderful former Heads providing Interview Preparation at your home or our offices.

The sessions expose the student to the situation and questions they are likely to experience on the day. Although the aim is to primarily support children in passing the Interview stage of admissions, the process also builds confidence and allows them to develop as individuals.

Mock Exams: Mock Exams give your child exposure to the conditions they will experience on the all-important day to build their confidence. As well as improving your child’s Exam Technique, they importantly provide us with key information allowing us to enhance our tuition programs.

11+ Tuition

Tuition for exam success: Our tuition programs are specially designed to ensure that students achieve the exam results they require for 11+ Grammar School Entrance. Having seen many students go through the process, we understand it is tough and daunting for both parents and their children.

We regularly provide tuition in these areas as well as specialist subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Reasoning – verbal and non-verbal

Our tutors: Our specialists tutors have exemplary academic backgrounds and a wealth of experience with 11+ entrance to grammar schools as well as top independent schools such as St Paul’s. Through long term and intensive tuition programmes and rigorous study planning support, our Tutors will work with students to achieve success. Tuition can be performed in person or online utilising our virtual classroom. Our online platform often proves highly engaging.

  • Academic support
  • Revision planning
  • Exam confidence

Planning a clear Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

Learning Assessments: Our Learning Assessments are the best starting point for tuition. The assessment process highlights the strengths and weaknesses of students and allows Ivy Education to plan the most effective Individual Educational Plan.

IEP: In order to get the most out of the tuition and ensure that all the necessary targets are met, we provide our tutors with an IEP. We ensure you are happy with the targets set, and confident of them being achieved under the guidance of the tutor. The tutor with map out the key objectives of the tuition program and the achievement criteria of each of these targets. Once targets are met, we ask the tutors to provide evidence of these successes.

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"We have been so happy with Michael, C has improved noticeably and is making fantastic progress, scoring above average and beyond expectation for Maths and English … We look forward to working with Michael further. He is fantastic! Many thanks."
Mrs. T, White City

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