From Sixth Form to University

Finding the perfect University

Going to university is a huge milestone in any student’s life. Choosing the right institution while managing the application process can be highly challenging for all involved. Our University Consultants support students in selecting their university and course and advise them on gaining entrance to their chosen institutions.

Tuition – A Level, IB and Pre-U

Tuition for exam success: As well as providing subject specific support, our tutors can also aid students in honing skills that will help them to tackle their exams with efficiency and confidence.

Often tutors specialising in A-Level, IB and Pre U tuition particularly enjoy working with this age group as it affords them the great pleasure of seeing students gain entry to their universities of choice. As a company we are proud to have seen students gain entry to some of the top universities in the country, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE and Durham.

Our Tutors: Our A-Level, IB and Pre-U specialists have exemplary academic backgrounds and a wealth of experience. Through long term or intensive tuition programmes and rigorous study planning support, our Tutors will work with students to achieve their targeted grades.

  • Academic support
  • Revision planning
  • Exam confidence

Selecting Universities and courses – UK and US

UK: We understand that it is vitally important that students and families are well informed about the universities being considered, but also about the suitability of the courses on offer for the long-term career goals of the individual.

Our Careers and Universities Consultants provide comprehensive advice for students at every stage of the process, helping them choose subjects and activities that will be required within a chosen industry.

US: US Universities offer a broad range of academic options and fantastic career opportunities to their alumni. Our consultants have a wealth of experience, such as helping students gain entrance into top US institutions such as Harvard and Yale. Applications commonly begin as early as Year 10 up until Year 13, due to the unique and lengthy applications process.

University Applications – UK and US

UK: Many students aspire to secure a place at a leading UK University, but ensuring that they receive offers requires more than just good predicted grades. Carefully researched UCAS applications are more successful at attracting offers, and our team provide guidance to ensure students achieve their learning and employability goals.

US: Our team will support you with finding the ideal course at the perfect US University. They will ensure the students’ application is as unique as the varied admissions processes. Our experts will also advise on co-curricular activities, personal statements and interview preparation.

Oxbridge Admissions and Higher Education Preparation

Applications: Our University Consultants can provide Oxbridge specific guidance around the writing of applications and ensure that students are prepared for particular assessments.

Interview Preparation: Students may have an interview with their prospective Universities, particularly Oxbridge colleges. Interview Preparation sessions expose them to the situations and questions they are likely to experience on the day. The aim is primarily to support students in passing the Interview stage of admissions and the process also builds confidence and allows them to develop as individuals. The skills learnt will transfer into applications for work experience as well.

Success at University – academic and careers support

Tuition: Students often find that some additional academic support is required, particularly at stressful exam periods. Ivy Education will place students with a relevant tutor to help them achieve their goals.

First Year Mentoring: Our First Year Mentoring package helps to smooth the way by supporting students through this transition phase from school to university. We offer the new undergraduates a plan of action that assists them in several ways; firstly with time management for staying on top of their academic studies, secondly to get an overview of the opportunities available to them and thirdly to encourage them to integrate with new groups of friends.

Careers: Our Careers and Universities Consultants provide comprehensive advice for students at every stage of the process, helping them choose subjects and activities that will be expected within a chosen industry. Careers planning is encouraged for students looking to succeed in the competitive graduate employment market.

 Ivy Education will match an Educational Consultant to support you:

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"I’m pleased to say that E achieved A*, A*, A, and her place at Oxford. The A was in French and we were hugely relieved it wasn’t lower. Sophie was wonderful and I’m sure gave E the confidence she needed and some vital consolidation which enabled her to achieve this result"
Mrs. W, Wandsworth

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