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Below are details of the ways we can help your child

GCSE and iGCSE examinations determine what A-Levels, IB or Pre-U a student can take and ultimately will affect University and careers choices. Our team of experts can support your family along every step of the examinations process and support the 16+ admissions processes for a number of top institutions.

GCSE and iGCSE Tuition

Tuition for exam success: Our GCSE and iGCSE tuition programs are specially designed to ensure that students achieve the exam results they require for Further Education and career plans. Having seen many students go through the process, we understand it is tough and daunting for both parents and their children.

We regularly provide tuition in these areas as well as specialist subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Sciences
  • Foreign Languages
  • Humanities

Our Tutors: Our GCSE and iGCSE tutors have exemplary academic backgrounds and a wealth of experience. Through long term and intensive tuition programmes and rigorous study planning support, our Tutors will work with students to achieve their targeted grades.

  • Academic support
  • Revision planning
  • Exam confidence

Choosing the right School or Sixth Form

Our team has strong links and personal relationships with many Schools and Sixth Form Colleges in and around London. Whatever your situation we will always ensure we match your son/daughter to the institution that meets their educational, social and emotional requirements.

Our team will manage the schools’ application processes and help steer students along the right path by carefully recommending the schools that fit their exacting needs. Criteria for selection of institutions will include:

  • Academic provisions
  • Extracurricular options
  • Facilities

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation (16+ or University Admissions): Students are usually interviewed by their prospective schools and Universities. We have a team of wonderful former Heads and University Consultants providing Interview Preparation at your home or our offices.

The sessions expose them to the situations and questions they are likely to experience on the day. The aim is primarily to support students in passing the Interview stage of admissions and the process also builds confidence and allows them to develop as individuals to enhance our tuition programs.

Careers Advice – linking education to career paths

We understand that it is vitally important that students and families alike are well informed about the universities being considered, but also about the suitability of the courses on offer with regards to the long-term and career goals of the individual. Our Careers and Universities Consultants provide comprehensive advice for students at every stage of the process, helping them choose subjects and activities that will be expected within a chosen industry. Our specialists also can help plan applications to both UK and US Universities.

Choosing the right A Levels, IB or Pre U courses

Our educational consultants work hard to form a clear picture of each student’s academic needs, offering support and advice that is based upon many years of experience in UK and US education systems.

Based on the stage of the student’s academic career, their short term and long-term career goals and the requirements of the family, our consultants draw on their vast experience to map out your child’s academic pathway.

 Ivy Education will match an Educational Consultant to support you:

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"N did brilliantly in her GCSEs and in the subjects where she got extra help from Ivy Education she exceeded expectations, she somehow managed to get an A in French and got double A* in science and an A* in Maths. Jacques gave her a real confidence boost and despite the short period of time he had to work with her he managed to find the key areas to work on to pull up her grade. Klevis equally worked on her confidence and clarified areas in Chemistry in particular where she was in a muddle."
Mrs. F

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