Specific and guided feedback through assessments

Our assessments produce precise overviews of the gaps in a student’s knowledge

Following an assessment, we take into consideration a child’s target schools to draw up a specific checklist of what they need to cover in tuition, so that we can match the right tutor to your child. Delivered via face-to-face meetings with one of our experts, this approach enables us to prepare students for entry into top schools such as St Paul’s, Westminster Under, KCS and Latymer.

Charlotte Faber - Ivy Education
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Charlotte Faber

Schools Consultant & Exam-Focused Assessor

"Services such as those offered by Ivy Education can complement an all round approach to your child's education, boosting learning, and providing a 1:1 bespoke programme to help you towards whatever goals are next on the horizon. Advice and teaching will always be professional, up to date, child centred and delivered by qualified individuals picked to help you specifically based on your criteria."

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Exam Focused Assessments

Our Exam Focused Assessments are the best starting point for any 7+ or 8+ learning program.

The assessment process highlights the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and allows Ivy Education, or you, to plan the most effective English, Maths and Reasoning preparation program.

Focal areas

At Ivy Education, we use tests to pinpoint the focal areas required for a student preparing for 7+ and 8+ School Entrance Exams.

These tests carefully measure the English, Maths and Reasoning skills of pupils. Their levels are measured appropriately for their specific age. The results are reflected as a selection of focal points which can then be translated into simple terms for use by the parents and the tutors alike.

Feedback and Reporting

On completion of the assessments, Ilana King (our 7+/8+ assessor) will meet with the family to provide verbal feedback.

A comprehensive written report is then provided, which clearly outlines all of our insights and recommendations.

Ilana King - Ivy Education
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Ilana King

Exam-Focused Assessments

"Understanding each child as an individual and identifying their academic attainment and areas for development is the key to ensuring their educational success. Using assessment to determine the level of a child relative to their age and stage will help parents recognise how their child compares to the standards against which they are being measured, allowing targeted work and faster progression."

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