Adaptive Aptitude Test

Make fully-informed decisions regarding admission and tuition goals and ensure your child stays on-target to meet them through our Adaptive Aptitude Test.

Our Adaptive Aptitude Test is an online test taken at home to assess English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Our ATT benchmarks your child against UK national achievement averages in independent schools, supporting our tutors to ensure your child becomes a competitive candidate.

The AAT report breaks down subject results by topic, clearly identifying areas of strengths and those that need improvement, directly informing your child's tailored tuition programme.

Unlike mock exams, this test is adaptive, meaning that the question difficulty responds to the student’s ability.

Standard Product Price | £150

Ensure your child stays on-target

Benefits of the Adaptive Aptitude Test

  • Benchmarks your child against UK national standards in independent schools
  • Provides a breakdown of the specific sub-skills that make up the English, maths and reasoning areas, so that consultants and parents can identify specific gaps in a candidate's ability.
  • Offers access to a significantly larger question bank than alternative Computer Adaptive Tests.
  • Can be taken any time, anywhere.