Work with the very best

Our educational consultants have an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise from across the world of education.

With former heads of both primary and secondary schools alongside school governors and experts in higher education, we match you with the perfect consultant for your child’s needs. Their extensive network of contacts, meanwhile, ensures we keep abreast of the latest trends at top schools and universities.

Our team works hard to match you with a consultant that fits your needs. Once placed with a student, our consultants create a tailored and unique plan to cater specifically for that child’s needs, whether it's arranging tuition, offering schools or university advice, or arranging interview preparation.

Our Educational Team

Our team are here to discuss your family's educational needs in detail before recommending one of our expert consultants.

Christopher Adams is the Head of Education at Ivy Education. He is on hand to provide you with the best educational support and consultancy services that the United Kingdom has to offer.

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As the International Education Advisor, Pearly supports our international clients in finding the best suitable tutors and consultants for their children.

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Nursery, Early Years & Primary Education

Jane Ritchie
Nursery & Early Years Consultant

Jane’s passion for Early Years Education began over 40 years ago as a teacher in the London independent sector. For many...

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Wendy Challen
Nursery & Early Years Consultant

Wendy was educated at Roedean and studied at the Froebel Institute, London University, graduating in Primary Education. ...

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Sabine Hook
Nursery and Primary Education

Sabine was educated at Queen’s Gate School in London before reading English Literature at the University of Durham. Upon...

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Alexandra Bradley
Nursery & Early Years Consultant

Alexandra has worked with Early Years children in top UK Nurseries and Schools since 2010. Most recently the inaugural H...

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Preparatory and Senior School

George Marsh
Schools Consultant

George has had over 40 years of experience in the British educational system. He started his teaching career the The Dra...

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Elizabeth Hill
Schools Consultant

Elizabeth has over 40 years’ experience working in education and has worked in many capacities: as a teacher, deputy hea...

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Rosamond Bowman
Schools Consultant

Rosamond has had a very successful teaching career spanning forty years; starting as a teacher, she soon progressed to t...

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Lucy Watts
Schools Consultant

Lucy was educated at South Hampstead High School and St. Helen’s and St. Katherine’s in Oxfordshire. She started teachin...

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Jeremy Edwards
Schools Consultant

Jeremy is an English graduate from the University of London, where he also studied for a Master’s degree in Educational ...

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Charlotte Faber
Schools Consultant & Exam-Focused Assessor

Charlotte has spent over a dozen years working in education, with her most recent role being Headmistress of Garden Hous...

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Susie West
Schools Consultant

Susie has spent 3 stints in business ranging from retail to the NHS, and taught at secondary and primary level, in both ...

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Dianne Barratt
Schools Consultant

Currently advisor for schools in the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) Inspector for the Independent School...

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Peter Clare-Hunt
Schools Consultant

Peter’s extensive experience of the independent sector spans over forty years, eighteen as Headmaster of two prominent P...

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Sally Hobbs
Schools Consultant

Sally was educated at Roedean and the University of Exeter. She holds diplomas from the British Dyslexia Association and...

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Brodie Bibby
Schools Consultant

Brodie also provides excellent one-to-one interview preparation as well as communication workshops for small groups of c...

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University & Careers

Sarah McWatters
Higher Education Consultant & School Leaver Options

Sarah has eight years experience working with the leading London sixth form Brampton College as a higher education consu...

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Oya Christie-Miller
Careers & Universities Consultant

Since 2008, Oya has helped high school and college students from the US, UK and Turkey get into universities and graduat...

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Camilla Smiley
University Entrance

Camilla has been working with the UK’s most prestigious schools and universities since 2006 and has been a full-time con...

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Learning & SEN Assessors

Helene Jones
SEN Advisor

Helene is a highly experienced Educational Assessor, with qualifications accredited by the British Psychological Society...

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Juliet Stoker
Primary Learning Assessor & SEN Advisor

Juliet has spent over 20 years as an education professional, and has wide experience both in the classroom and as a full...

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Hema Desai
Secondary Learning Assessor & SEN Advisor

Hema is a highly experienced Specialist Teacher, with 5 years’ experience working both independently and in an independe...

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Sophie Irwin
SEN Schools Consultant

Sophie has over 30 years’ experience of helping parents plan their children’s education alongside a varied teaching care...

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Ilana King
Exam-Focused Assessments

Ilana has been involved in education for over 23 years. Since obtaining a PGCE qualification in Early Years and Primary ...

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Lulu Luckock
Family and Wellbeing Consultan

Lulu has a wealth of experience in teaching, mentoring and guiding children and staff in the UK and abroad. She is a pri...

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